Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthesis is an extremely important dental procedure that restores damaged or lost teeth. We offer a wide range of prosthetic services to our patients. Prosthetics can be made using both metal-ceramic or metal-free porcelain, as well as removable dentures of various designs. Each patient can choose treatment according to their aesthetic requirements and financial possibilities.

Non-removable prosthetics:


  • single crowns and bridges without finish;
  • single crowns and bridges with metal-ceramic finish;
  • metal-free ceramics;
  • zirconia crowns;
  • laminates, veneers;
  • inlay/onlay systems and other quality and aesthetic prothetics;
  • various crowns on implants.

Patients require prosthetics to be aesthetic, strong and comfortable. These properties are fulfilled by the metal-free ceramic on the base of zirconium oxide (ZrO2) base. It is know as the “top of modern prosthetics” for a reason. Dental prosthetics is undoubtedly important, so it is best left to the experienced professionals.

  • 80 % people prefer metal-free ceramic because they want no metal in their mouth;
  • metal-free ceramic on zirconium oxide base always looks natural and aesthetically pleasing. They look like real teeth (dentine)
  • the strength of zirconium oxide prosthetics reaches over 900 MegaPascals (MP). This is a very strong material!
  • zirconium oxide prostheses are easily tolerated by the oral cavity and gums; they do not cause any discomfort. It is the most ecological and most natural prosthetics;
  • metal-free ceramic on zirconium oxide base lasts for a very long time;
  • preparation process for such prosthetics is simple for both the dentist and the patient.
Removable prosthetics:
  • Plates of various constructions;
  • Dentures;
  • Locking prosthetics.


“Valplast” system is a novel manufacturing method for dentures. It is a soft plastic (nylon thermoplastic). This unique combination creates a flexible and comfortable device. Nobody will suspect that you are wearing a denture.

Such dentures are comfortable and good-looking. They are very light, allowing the restoration of full lines of teeth. It was traditionally believed that prosthetics have to be hard and fixed in place. However, some flexibily is essential for natural feeling, as natural teeth have some flexibility.

Advantages of removable dentures made from “Valplast”:

  • No metal hooks, plastic is shaped to fit comfortably onto existing teeth and gums.
  • Does not invoke an allergic reaction – suitable for patients sensitive to metals and acrylic plastics.
  • They do not attract any odours, do not allow the growth of microflora, resistant to chemical reactions. The base of the prosthetic does not change colour over time (if proper oral hygene is kept).
  • The chewing pressure is evenly distributed. Hence, it is practically unbreakable and the gums and teeth to which it is attached to are not overloaded. Atrophy of surrounding tissue is slowed down.
  • The base of this denture is transparent, light pink in colour. It blends in perfectly with the natural colour of the gums. It looks naturally, aesthetically and is almost invisible to others. It is thin and light.