Tooth filling

The most common dental disease is decay, also known as dental caries. The first sign of enamel permeability is the reaction to sweet or cold food/drinks. Later on, reaction becomes more painful and tooth changes become visible by the eye.

The treatment of caries depends on the depth of the damage and the tooth type. It is not just eliminating hard tissue defects and filling the hole. It is very important to restore the anatomical form of the tooth and to restore the bite correctly. The colour of the filling is adapted individually.

To ensure healty teeth we recommend adults to get checked once a year (twice a year for children).

During the first visit we prepare a treatment plan:

  • we evaluate the condition of the teeth;
  • we evaluate the fillings and their condition;
  • estimate the correct bite;
  • check the condition of the soft tissue of the oral cavity;
  • we make the x-ray pictures if necessary;
  • problems are captured and shown by the intraoral camera;
  • if necessary, an appointment is set.