Professional oral hygiene

A healthy oral cavity protects against some diseases and is essential for good health. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to oral hygiene, balanced nutrition and timely treatment of dental problems.

  • remove dental plaque (calculus) with special instruments and an ultrasonic device;
  • clean the dental plaque using Air-Flow system;
  • advise on how to brush teeth properly;
  • we evaluate the effectiveness of your teeth cleaning, identify points that need more attention;
  • polish teeth, fillings and dentures/prosthetics;
  • teeth whitening;
  • we cover children’s teeth with sealant (special protective coating against caries);
  • apply tooth ornaments (tooth’s enamel is left undamaged);
  • we cover teeth with fluoride.

Periodontitis development stages

The main tool for preventing teeth and their periodontal diseases is the professional oral hygiene. When you arrive at the oral hygiene office, you will be given a detailed explanation of the teeth cleaning method, individually selected toothpaste, and an appointment for the next visit for preventive examination. Hygiene procedures are performed during one or two visits. If desired, painkillers can be applied to the region being cleaned.

The dental concretions are removed from each tooth by the ultrasound scaler. Concretions from the  gum pockets are eliminated manually by special tools.

It is especially important to carry out professional oral hygiene when one has dental implants. Concrete and plaque around them can only be removed by specialinstruments.

Air-flow method

Air-flow is one of the latest methods for removing dental plaque. This is a great and painless way to clear nicotine, coffee or tea plaque and brighten your teeth.

A strong flow of air, water and medical soda, directed perpendicularly to the surface of the tooth, quickly and painlessly clears the accumulated plaque.

This method is special because the tooth’s surface is not touched physically, so the hard tooth tissues and gums are not damaged. After the Air-flow procedure you will be pleasantly surprised by the naturally bright smile, comfort and cleanliness in the mouth.

We recommend:

  • preventive oral hygiene once a year;
  • in case of implants do it 1-2 times a year;
  • in case of periodontal diseases – 2-3 times a year;
  • in case of braces – every 3-4 months.